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Welcome to thesource.pro, Los Angeles most state-of-the-art talent booking directory. Providing access to services of top notch models, female DJs, musicians, artists and many other types of entertainers in the nightlife industry. We provide the most cutting edge regularly updated database in order to bring you the most current booking information. We give you access to a variety of entertainers in the party industry. Here at thesource.pro we take the footwork out of planning your next big party or business function.   With our easy to use directory just type in the style of entertainer you desire. For instance if you want a sexy, topless female DJ at your next bachelor party you’re just a key strokes away from the hottest and most talented artists in your area. Or maybe you want to light up the night with some of the most experienced fire entertainers available in an area near you. We also offer photographers to catch every magical moment. These are  just a few of thebook female djs many things thesource.pro can provide.

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Get connected directly to the latest Female DJs not only in the Los Angeles area but worldwide. We are constantly updating our database so there are always new artists waiting to be reserved by you. Take the fuss out of your next fancy get together. We are your one stop shop to make the party rock. Turn it up a notch with some of our professional party girls and erotic models adding even more elegance to the sexy female Dj’s you already booked currently behind the decks getting the night Hire Female DJsunder way with beats drawing all these beautiful women out to the dancefloor to shake their groove things. Turning your party into an event that will be talked about all over your social media outlets for years to come. So whether its your Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook or Instagram talking about the epic party you delivered to your friends and fans. Don’t forget to tell them how simple thesource.pro made your job. If DJs aren’t your thing we also offer a full spectrum of musicians playing instruments from drums, bass and guitars too flutes violins and many many more wonderful sounds ready to enchant and delight your guest at the most legendary party to hit your block in a long time….We are available night and day for all your entertainment needs. So don’t be the last one to the party. Be the first one to make the party happen.. You need it and we’ve got it.

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Need help promoting your artistic services? We have got what you need. Maybe you’re a photographer looking to shoot special events, weddings or your interested in helping a new nude model formulate a dashing portfolio. We can directly connect you to people who desire the artistic creation you provide. Or you might be a nude or alternative model looking to find photographers looking  for your style in their next shoot. We also cater to male or female DJs looking to tear the roof off the next trending shindig. We’ve got what you need too. By gathering your most recent and relevant information and services offered we have constructed a completely new way to promote and procure entertainment work and services. Servicing all the needs of the party and nightlife industry. If it can make the party happen and you need it. Then we’ve got what you need. So don’t wait go to thesource.pro now and create your artist profile. Let us start making money for you now..

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Here at thesource.pro our mission is to provide all the entertainment needs your heart desires at a continued and growing rate. Offering excellent customer service with complete and detailed artist bios which allow you to explore  and pin point your party needs. We take pride in the ease in which our customers can navigate their way through our excellently organized directory. Allow us to provide comfort while completing your party checklist… Female DJs (check) Party girls (check) Singers (check) Waitstaff (check) fire entertainers (check). So check us out now & start booking now. Start the party right with thesource.pro tonight.

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